Abby Anderson: Art of The Shot Block

Published on 25 February 2022 at 17:20

Abby Anderson is not the most prolific shot blocker in Lady Griz history (Currently ranks 4th all time), but what she does when blocking shots is what may be prolific to us. All we know is 63% of her career blocks have turned into an extra possession for the Lady Griz. We don't have or even know if a state for that exists but it is one to consider when analyzing the success of the Lady Griz defense this year in regards to FG%. At 200 total blocks she currently ranks 4th in Lady Griz history. She is also currently 25th in the nation for blocked shots 56 total (2.2 BPG).  


18-19 Season 20/28 blocks became extra possessions. 126/200 (63%) blocks have turned into extra possessions for the Lady Griz. 

19-20 Season 37/65

20-21 Season 31/51

21-22 Season 38/56  (in progress)

Lady Griz Top 5 All-Time Shot Blockers
Lady Griz Top 5 All-Tiime Shot Blockers
1. Hollie Tyler 297
2. Carly Selvig 257
3. Lisa McLoed 237
4. Abby Anderson 200
5. Angella Bieber 175

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