Estefania Ors Player Profile ISU

Published on 23 February 2022 at 11:32

Like many of the Idaho State players, Estefania Ors is a very versatile player that can do a little bit of everything really well on the floor. Ors is a Swiss Army knife that provides stability to the Bengals team full of veterans. 




Not an incredible athlete, Ors is another player that supports our theory of fundamentals over athleticism. Great footwork, incredible basketball IQ, and the ability to play the P&R at her position and size are valuable. Most defenders will try to crowd her and take away her shooting rhythm, but when they do that she will use her solid feet, pace, and feel for the game to get by defenders to finish at the rim, drop off to a big or kick it out for a shooter.  This is why we describe her as a Swiss Army Knife of a player. In today’s game having “positionless” players is a huge asset, however, to find and recruit those types of players to the BSC is tough. ISU and Coach Sobolewski have been successful at going overseas to find these types of players. 


Estefania Ors has had a wonderful career marked by injury and COVID. She is one of the rare players in the NCAA to get such opportunities with a medical redshirt and a bonus year. We also feel she is a serious candidate for league MVP.



Year 16-17 Year 17-18 Year 18-19 Year 20-21 Current Year 21-22
315 Total Pts 9.5 PPG 351 Total Pts 11 PPG 357 Total Pts 12.8 PPG 254 Total Pts 10.2 PPG 316 Total Pts 12.2 PPG
118 Total Reb 3.6 RPG 110 Total Reb 3.4 RPG 109 Total Reb 3.9 RPG 121 Total Reb 4.8 RPG 95 Total Reb 3.7 RPG
55 Total Assists 1.6 APG 53 Total Assits 1.6 APG 76 Total Assists 2.7 APG 59 Total Assists 2.3 APG 89 Total Assists 3.4 APG
29 Total Steals 22 Total Steals 22 Total Steals 31 Total Steals 35 Total Steals
Overall PPP .943 Overall PPP 1.0 Overall PPP .934 Overall PPP .889 Overall PPP .917
Spot Up PPP 1.10 Spot Up PPP 1.23 Spot Up PPP 1.23 Spot Up PPP 1.11 Spot Up PPP .889
P&R Handler PPP .833 P&R Handler PPP .632 P&R Handler PPP .667 P&R Handler PPP .444 P&R Handler PPP .807
Transition PPP 1.27 Transition PPP .966 Transition PPP .972 Transition PPP .676 Transition PPP 1.29
3FG PPP 1.17 3FG PPP 1.41 3FG PPP 1.26 3FG PPP 1.32 3FG PPP .950
Midrange PPP .800 Midrange PPP .667 Midrange PPP .737 Midgrange PPP .571 Midrange PPP .909
BSB# 1.17 BSB# 1.20 BSB# 1.20 BSB# 1.30 BSB# 1.38

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