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Published on 19 January 2022 at 13:50

This resilient Jr. from Spokane Valley, WA strikes us at BSB as a throwback in a sense. In Tomekia’s frosh year she had a fairly large role on a fairly experienced team. Had solid numbers averaging almost 26 MPG, 8.5 PPG, 3.7 RPG, and shooting 44FG% and 33% 3FG. Her Sophomore season for some reason, her role changed, Tomekia’s minutes decreased and her numbers did too. Only averaging 13.9 MPG, 3.3 PPG, 2.3 RPG, and shooting 42.4 FG% and 15% 3FG.




In our opinion, what was never questioned was her attitude, effort, and energy and this is what makes her a throwback in a sense. A lot of kids would have transferred when their roles changed and minutes decreased. Tomekia stuck it out and we respect this loyalty in a player. Which explains why in her junior year of competition the attitude, patience, and hard work are paying off. The Bengals have been hit by the injury bug this season and through it, all Tomekia has shined. She has seized opportunities and been a consistent presence playing a team-high 517 minutes. She is only 1 of 4 players on the Bengal roster to play in all 16 games for ISU (Garnett, Ors, and Oltrogge are the other 3).  


Tomekia just recently exploded for a 30 points (5-5 3FG), 8 rebs, 3 asst, and 2 steal performance (1/13 vs EWU). That game is just one example of what she provides for the Bengals on any given night. What we appreciate is the basketball plays made to impact games that don’t show up in box scores. Where Tomekia has always been effective is transition offense .93 PPP and finishing around the basket 1.03 PPP (not necessarily posting).  Her current numbers are as follows 32.3 MPG, 10.4 PPG, 6.4 RPG, 41 FG%, and 36% 3FG & 48 total steals. Where we see the improvement is in her spot-up and 3 point shooting.


45.9% of her points come from the mid-range jumpers (Mostly P&R pullup) and 3 point range. Of those jump shots, 22.1% are from mid-range and 52.5% are from behind the arch where again she is averaging 1.08 PPP.  It is always nice to have someone on the floor consistently who can shoot the ball and can create gravity and spacing for others. 


She is an average of .777 PPP in all offensive possessions. Tomekia’s impact in other areas such as Spot Up .837 PPP, Cutting 1.44 PPP 3FG 1.08 PPP, Mid Range 0.8 PPP, and finishing around the basket where 37.2% of her scoring comes from is 1.03 PPP cannot be ignored.  She also spends quite a bit of time as the ball handler in P&R actions (21% of her offensive possessions) only has .64 as her PPP. When in the P&R she often settles for hard right-handed dribble pull up, but she can finish around the basket and has shown the ability to go off-hand with a turndown of a ball screen. 


To our knowledge, the Bengals have yet to play a game with a completely healthy roster this season. However, I am sure coach Sobolewski and his staff can feel better having a player like Tomekia playing every night with a great attitude, high effort, and energy.

Freshmen Year 20-19 Sophomore Year 2020-21 Junior Year 2021-22
Games Started/Games Played: 20/13 24/1 16/16
MIN PER GAME: 25.7 13.9 32.3
POINTS PER GAME: 8.5 3.3 10.4
REBOUNDS PER GAME: 3.7 2.3 6.4
FG%: 66/149 44.3% 36/85 42.4% 69/168 41.1%
3FG%: 8/24 33.3% 3/20 15% 13/36 36%
Assists: 31 16 42
TO's: 31 18 38
Steals: 22 16 48

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