The Emergence of Lizzy Williamson

Published on 18 January 2022 at 08:53

Basketball players across the country at all levels will tell you they just want a chance. The 6’5 Sophomore from Adelaide, AUS has done just that. She has been playing some really good basketball and has also placed herself in the top tier of post players in the conference. 




The success of Lizzy is something we cannot overlook in the early success of Southern Utah in the Big Sky Conference. In fact, Lizzy has been steadily provided the T-Birds huge minutes since their matchup against Utah Valley (8 points 5 rebounds) in the middle of November and then backed that performance up with a solid one vs UNLV (11 points 8 rebounds). Then were the huge breakout games vs NCCAA opponent SAGU American Indian College (35 points, 23 rebounds & 4 blocks) and then a 20 point, 12 rebound performance against UT Rio Grande Valley. There is a lot to be said about playing confidence and Lizzy is playing with tons of it currently. 


When looking at this year's numbers and comparing them to last year it is quite astounding what Lizzy has accomplished. Lizzy only played in 7 games last year with career highs of 4 points, and 2 rebounds in only 27 min of total play. This year she is averaging 23.8 MPG, 11.8 PPG, 9.3 RPG has a total of 16 blocks, and is shooting a league-best 56.5% from the floor. 


When comparing last year to this year on Synergy there were only two categories that registered PPP numbers. Last year Lizzy had a .667 PPP compared to this year's 1.167 PPP. Her offensive rebounding last year was 1.133 PPP and this year is 1.154 PPP. This year what stands are the other categories and where she is also about 1 point per possession (PPP) or above. In P&R 1.0. Cutting 1.1 and in transition, she is 1.067


When playing in the P&R games she catches the ball high and keeps it high when finishing which makes it tough for even the taller posts in conference to alter or block her shot. She is also effective as a pop player in P&R actions which keeps teams honest because she can effectively shoot the 15 footer. This makes it difficult to cover P&R actions especially when you have those two fantastic guards (Daylani Ballena & Cherita Daughtery) coming off the screen. She effectively runs the floor and gets deep post position when rim running. When she gets it in the block she keeps things simple with either a power move over her right shoulder or goes to the off-handed right hand jump hook. 


Only a sophomore we believe Lizzy’s best ball is in front of her. Based on this trajectory, if coach Sanders and staff continue to build her confidence and provide her opportunities she will have a very nice career for the T-Birds. Just too bad, we won’t continue to see it as the T-Birds move to the WAC next season. 

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