Daryn Hickok Art of the Offensive Rebound.

Published on 31 December 2021 at 18:00

Top 5 Individual Offensive Rebounders


In an effort to breakdown players and film even further we decided take a look at the BSC leading individual offensive rebounders. Here is what we came up with. Based on our findings Daryn Hickok of Weber State is the most efficient Offensive rebounder in the conference. 


While Hickok does not have the numbers of the 6'5 Natabou. Hickok at only 5'10 plays along side of 6'3 Torbert and 6 foot Matthews. So often times she is the 3rd tallest on the floor for her own team.  


Check out the film below as we breakdown the art of the offensive rebound. 



Isnelle Natabou

53 Off Rebounds, 4.4 ORPG, 1.09ppp 


Daryn HIckok 

43 Off Rebounds, 3.9 ORPG, 1.34ppp


FILM BREAKDOWN: https://youtu.be/KCS3_WVTZXo


Lizzy Williamson

34 Off Rebounds, 3.1 ORPG, 1.2ppp


Kola Bad Bear

33 Off Rebounds, 2.4 ORPG, 1.45ppp


Tomekia Whitman

32 Off Rebounds, 2.7 ORPG, .6ppp


Honorable Mention:


Darri Dotson

29 Off Rebounds, 2.6 ORPG, 1.10ppp


Darian White

28 Off Rebounds, 2.0 ORPG, .909ppp 

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