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Published on 30 December 2021 at 08:38

Eastern Washington has several talented freshmen on their roster in Coach Gleason’s inaugural campaign, but Jaydia Martin stands out above all the others. Already one of the best scoring freshmen in the country, when evaluating this sensational freshman a few areas stand out regarding her offensive skill set.  


FILM BREAKDOWN LINK:  https://youtu.be/N-RIrhVl3lc


The first area we notice as a strength is her 3 point shooting ability.  While her percentage is not outstanding (29-86 33.7% .879 PPP) her sheer volume of attempts from behind the arch makes her a threat from this area either in spot-ups, off the dribble, or in transition where she shines. Often Jaydia will fill the trail spot in transition (1.23 PP in transition) where she gets a number of her three-point attempts. 


Another area where Martin provides offensive punch is in the P&R action when she is a ball handler (.588 PPP 16.7% of her scoring opportunities come from this action). At six-foot, she is usually taller and longer than her matchup in the Big Sky. Her ability to handle the ball and shoot the three makes it difficult for teams to guard her in this action. The mismatch starts right away as many wings are not used to guarding the ball screen as the on ball defender.  If they switch, she will attack the big, if they go under she will stop and pop and if they fight over the ball screen she can attack off the bounce and get to the rim or pull up from mid-range. 


Martin is also effective but does not get as many touches as we would like in the post (1.2 PPP). She only touches the ball and scores from the block in just shy of 5% of her offensive shot attempts. She has a quick high release turn-around jumper. Because she is so good with the ball in her hands she could turn iso drives into post-ups. This would be an area she should get more touches and we can assume that Coach Gleason will continue to add opportunities for scoring from the block as the season progresses.


Only a freshman, she has a ton of room for improvement and a high ceiling. A few areas we would like to see growth would be her post-up game opportunities. She has proven she can score from the block and is efficient from that area and with her points per possession numbers, it makes complete sense to take advantage of this strength. 


Because the ball is in her hands (25% 204 offensive possessions compared to the next highest of 101) of the time she could be more aggressive using her frame, creating contact, and getting to the free-throw line (18-21 for 85.7%) either from the post or from the drive. Martin has the green light, we feel she could improve her shot selection at times as well. If she eliminated three or four ill-advised shots per game her percentage and efficiency would increase and potentially her assist to turnover ratio would improve (9:20 assist: turnover). With that being said, Jaydia is our early pick from Freshman of the year in the Big Sky Conference. 


By the numbers

16.5 PPG, 4.3 RPG 15 Steals 

59-172 for 34.3 FG%, 

18-21 for 85.7 FT%

28-86 for 33.7 3FG%


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