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Published on 14 December 2021 at 08:34

When thinking of players in the Big Sky Conference that set themselves apart, Carmen Gfeller comes to mind. The redshirt Junior from Colfax, WA is the classic example of skill over athletic ability. One can come to the conclusion that she has spent a lot of time working on her craft and getting a lot of shots up over the years. Great feet, smooth shooting stroke, and a solid frame for getting things done in the paint in the Big Sky Conference, Gfeller is a coaches dream.




When watching Gfeller down low on the block what stands out first and foremost is her patience and footwork. She is never in a rush to score and plays at her own pace. She is a post with old-school fundamental skills that are not taught much anymore. Skills such as ducking in with physicality, establishing, and maintaining a seal in the paint are skills that you don’t see to often anymore. She carves out space early so when she gets the entry pass she knows exactly what to do. If she does get pushed off the block, you will notice on film she always locates the middle of the floor before making her move to the basket. This is one reason she is so efficient with the ball. She does not predetermine her moves. Always one to keep it simple before going to the complex down low. 


A great shooter from 15 feet and in, what is undervalued by most observers is her ability to stretch the floor with her shooting beyond the arch. Her freshman year she shot a dismal 16.7% from 3 on 4-24 attempts. She redshirted the following year and one can only assume she put in the time. In 20-21, she shot 34.5% on 10-29 attempts, and this year she is shooting 46.7% on 7-15 attempts (9 games played). In fact, she might the biggest threat from behind the arch the Lady Griz have that plays significant minutes on the floor  (Hailey Huard shoots 45.5% on 10-22 attempts in 13 MPG).


Another area we have seen growth in Gfeller’s game is with the ball in her hands from the perimeter. She still has plenty of turnovers that drive coaches nuts, but she has added the ability to put the ball on the floor and attach now from the 3 point line. Like we mentioned she has great feet and is very fundamental. She will use a variety of pivots, jab, and rocker steps to get her defender off balance and then attack that defender. She loves contact and when she feels contact she will spin-off and create space to get her shot off or draw a foul from the off-balance defender. Putting Gfeller on the FT line is not in the opponent’s best interest as she is shooting 80.8% on 97-120 attempts from the FT line in her career. 


Lets take a look at the last 2 years in comparison 

2020-21 2021-22

52.9% FGM 59.5% FGM

34.5% 3FGM 46.7% 3FGM

.976 PPP 1.33 PPP Total

1.086 PPP Post 1.07 PPP Post

.746 PPP Spot Ups 1.21 PPP Spot-ups

1.256 PPP Cutting 1.26 PPP Cutting

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