Darian White Player Profile

Published on 3 December 2021 at 08:29

Taking a look into another of the Big Sky Conferences MVP caliber players, this week we dive into Darian White. 


FILM BREAKDOWN LINK: https://youtu.be/FlfCD-esJ3g


Since her arrival in Bozeman White provided instant impact and helped propel the Bobcats to one of the most dangerous teams in the Big Sky.  As we breakdown the film of White we will point out 4 key areas where she stands out among the best in the conference as well as the region. 


White can grab a rebound, steal or receive an outlet on a make or miss and make an immediate impact on a game in transition. Her ability to change gears and keep the defense and primary defender off balance with this skill is elite and not seen much in the Big Sky. Darian loves to get the ball out and push the pace in transition. A right-hander, White loves to attack going left, and even if teams try and load to that side, they still have a very difficult time keeping her from getting to spots on the floor she likes.


Standing at 5’6, White is not scared to draw contact from defenders. She will attack the primary defender or blow by the primary and create contact with the help side defender (often a big) and draw fouls. Rarely do you see White finish off of one foot. Her ability to explode off of two feet provides her balance to absorb the contact when it is initiated.  This ability to draw fouls puts a lot of pressure on other teams. 


White is also very dynamic in P&R and DHO actions as well. She is very shifty and her hop step and change of pace either before accepting the ball screen or just after puts defenders in a bind. In years past White has had consistent shooting surrounding her, but this year the Cats are off to a slow start shooting the ball. Teams are starting to pack the paint and not allowing her to get to the rim and forcing her to settle for pull-up jumpers in the paint. 


What used to be a weakness of White’s game has now shown marked improvement early in the season.  Her 3 point shooting has gone from 30% her freshman and sophomore seasons to 47% (in 7 games). Already she has made teams pay when they go under DHO and P&R actions. If that number stays consistent rest assured the Big Sky Conference will have to figure out a new way to slow down White. 


White is also a great defender when it comes to anticipation off the ball. Her ability to put pressure on guards full court is already known, but her ability to see the whole floor on the defensive end allows her to be a threat from anywhere on the floor is probably something the average fan does not see or appreciate. 


White is sure to surpass 1000 career points, 500 rebounds, and close to 300 steals in her career. At 5’6 this will be truly an amazing accomplishment. 


Career By The Numbers

19-20: 31 games played, led the team in minutes played 12.7 PPG (.918ppp), 4.8 RPG, 76 steals

20-21: 24 games played, second in minutes 14.6 PPG (.868ppp), 5.1 RPG, 65 steals

21-22: 7 games in and leads the team in minutes played and averaging 14.1 PPG (.733ppp), 5.0 RPG, 19 steals

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