Beyonce Bea Player Profile

Published on 20 November 2021 at 08:18

Extremely versatile player that provides a big-time match-up issue with other teams. Skilled enough to handle the ball in transition and in pic n roll situations, but also big and strong enough to post up and score down low on the block and out to 15 feet. There are not too many players with her skillset and size in the Big Sky Conference. 




Teams that try and switch in DHO and Pic n Roll actions will quickly see why her versatility is a major weapon. She can take other bigs and isolate them on the perimeter or post up smaller defenders on the block. 


Idaho uses a variety of ways to get her the ball such as back pics, rub cuts and pin downs from all areas in the paint. Because of her solid footwork, she has a variety of moves on the block, can finish with either hand, and feels comfortable scoring off the bounce. She has the ability to hit the pull-up from the perimeter although the 3 point shot is not her strength. Beyonce is an efficient free-throw shooter shooting 76% last year on almost 4 attempts per contest. A skilled rebounder Beyonce racked up 59 offensive rebounds last year and totaled 178 for an average of 7.7 RPG. 


If there are any weaknesses in her offensive game they would be her assist:turnover ratio (44:52 last year) and her lack to really stretch the floor with the 3. Because the ball is in her hands so much I am sure Coach Newlee will look to see these two areas improve. It is easy to see why she was the preseason POY selection. Look for her to eclipse the 1000 point scoring mark this year.


You will see in the attached clips her versatility and ability to affect the game in these areas: post-up averaging 1.1 Points Per Possession (PPP), offensive rebounding 1.2 PPP, and off of cuts and screens with a 1.11 PPP and transition .846 PPP

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