BSB Post Season Matchup Content Dump

Published on 17 March 2022 at 17:34

In preparation for the matchup between Stanford and MSU we focused on 3 areas: 

1. Transition Offense:

2. Post Play:

3. DHO Series:

All 3 of these area are important for the Cats to consider while preparing and playing the Cardinals.  While we understand the Bobcats chances are rate, we also understand the importance of how a team may potentially attack us. We feel these 3 areas are where Stanford my want to exploit the MSU defense. 


While taking a look at Idaho State and there matchup with Wyoming we see two very balanced teams looking to establish some sort of mid major momentum heading into post season and beyond. Wyoming was a very solid team in the MWC and ISU has established itself as a perennial BSC top contender. We feel this game will be very close and fun to watch from a basketball standpoint . 

Below are two areas of the Wyoming Motion Offense that ISU will need to consider how to defend.

1. Wyoming Motion Offense:

2. Wyoming Motion Concepts:



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