Published on 7 March 2022 at 21:55

Below is our Big Sky Conference Individual Awards winners and nominees. Winner is listed at top and nominees are listed below. The nominees are players we feel could have been considered for each of the individual awards provided. We believe the conference did a great job in the selection of the winners.

MVP Top Reserve Def POY FOY Top Newcomer COY
Tillman SAC (MVP) Forsyth IDAHO Whitman ISU Martin EWU Natabou SAC Sobolewski ISU
White MSU Oltrogge ISU White MSU Fitzgerald PSU Tillman SAC Sanders SUU
Bea IDAHO Eaton SUU Hickok WEBER Morales PSU Forsyth IDAHO Campbell SAC
Gfeller UM Pettis EWU Buckley EWU Pettis EWU Johnson IDAHO
Whitman ISU Janssen MSU Anderson UM Johnson SUU Buckley EWU
Natabou SAC

Below are our All-League team selections. In our voting we are placing 1 player as the MVP and 5 others on the first team, 5 on the second, 5 on the third and our HM group.  Like always there is always room for debate. Congrats to all the players selected by the BSC.

1st Team ALl BSC 2nd Team ALL BSC 3rd Team ALL BSC Honorable Mention
Tillman SAC (MVP) Stiles UM Daugherty SUU Harden UNC
White MSU Ballena SUU Konate ISU Martin EWU
Bea IDAHO Ors ISU Hickok WEBER Bad Bear MSU
Gfeller UM Buckley EWU Forsyth IDAHO Matthews WEBER
Whitman ISU Dotson SUU Williamson SUU Simental UNC
Natabou SAC Rasheed NAU
Oltrogge ISU
Anderson UM
Schenck NAU

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