3 Keys For Each Team: Finals Addition

Published on 11 March 2022 at 08:45

Today's Championship game between Northern Arizona and Montana State will be played fast. Both of the previous games were played fast and we don't think this game is going to be any different. Both teams have depth and both teams have solid point guards that will run their ball clubs. White is more widely known in the league, but Schenck is no slouch and if she wants,  she can change the momentum of a game in a hurry.  Both teams have streaky shooters with Rodabaugh, Radford, Orndoff, and the Moran twins for NAU and Janssen, Limardo, Beattie, and Mochi for the Cats. Will it be one person knocking down shots as the hot shooter or will it be 3 by committee for one of the teams. Bad Bear and Rasheed will be a physical post-matchup with both players having the ability to put their stamp on this game.  Because both teams have the depth it could be that a reserve has a great game to put their squad into the dance. Rodabaugh for NAU could get hot and be dangerous as could Janssen for the Cats. Either way, we look for an entertaining offensive battle for the championship match. 




FILM BREAKDOWN OF SCHENCK: https://youtu.be/956C8gHM_18


1. Rebound: In both contests against MSU they were hammered on the offensive glass. In two games MSU had 37 offensive rebounds. The Lumberjacks, not a very physically big team will need help on the glass as Rasheed cannot do it all by herself. Rasheed did not even play in the last matchup and so her return will be welcomed for the finals.

2. Limit Fouls: In both contests this year NAU fouled the Cats way too much and put them to the line 49 times with the Cats shooting 40/49 for 81.6%. Contrast that to the 17/21 for 80.9% for the Lumberjacks. 

3. Scoring: We know NAU can score, but who is going to step up and score other than Rasheed and Orndoff? They will need to have a third or fourth scorer step up for this game. Rodabaugh is someone that can score quickly and in bunches and she has not had a standout game against the Cats. Maio, Radford, and even Schenck could be that third and fourth scorer.  This is where NAU’s depth could help win them the game as all of those mentioned names have the to score in bunches 




FILM BREAKDOWN OF DARIAN WHITE: https://youtu.be/FlfCD-esJ3g

1. White Factor: What kind of impact with Darian White have on the game? We believe she will insert herself into this game and do a bit of everything to help the Cats get a trophy. She can score, dish, and defend and we feel she will step up and do those three things. If White gets hot in transition, her pull-up game, and gets to the FT line look for advantage Cats.

2. Bench: One of, if not the deepest bench in the conference(right next to NAU) they will need to provide solid minutes for the Bobcats. Players such as Janssen can provide 3 point threats, Jackson plays great defense and provides great energy. Players such as Van Sickle and Dedan will need to take care of the ball, not foul, and defend like crazy.  

3. Shot Selection:  The cats at times can take some ill-advised shots in the half-court. This game will be played at a fast pace and if the Cats shoot too many poorly selected 3s it could lead to offensive transition and easy buckets for a team like NAU that loves to get out and run.  If NAU cleans up the rebounding issue from the first two games and the Cats take too many ill-advised 3FG it  could spell disaster for MSU. 

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