3 Keys: Montana v Southern Utah 2

Published on 24 February 2022 at 14:46

Let's keep this simple tonight's 3 Keys to the game all start with the letter B




Key 1: 

Bigs: in the first game Gfeller picked up 2 fouls in the first 20 seconds of the game. Kylie Frolich and Dani Bartsch provided solid minutes off the bench. Frolich with 13 points and 9 boards and Bartsch had 9 points and 6 boards. Even without foul trouble the Lady Griz have the advantage in the depth department at this position, but the Lady Griz would prefer to have Anderson and Gfeller on the floor more than the other two. The T-Birds bigs are just as big a threat to do damage in this game. Both Dotson and Williamson are talented and can change the tempo of the game with their ability to clean up the glass, score at a high rate in the paint and alter shots. Whoever inserts their dominance in the paint with their bigs will have a big advantage to win the game. Points in the paint advantage went to Montana 36-12, the rebounding advantage went to Montana 46-36 and Montana's bigs combined for 35 points and 24 rebounds when SUU’s only had 11 points and 14 rebounds. 


Key 2

Bench: Who’s bench is going to help with depth, scoring, rebounding, and defense? The Lady Griz have Bartsch, Frolich & Keller lately coming off the bench. Tsineke is also someone that has come off the bench recently but started in Ceder City. She had a great game scoring 14 points going 2-2 from 3.  Will they be able to provide more help in the execution of the game plan than Otkhmezuri(Just recently scored 27 in their win vs. NAU) and Eaton? Both teams rely heavily on their starters and benches are limited in spots, but whoever gives their team solid minutes will also help their team have the chance to win the game. Again we feel depth off the bench advantage is Montana’s. 


Key 3

Ball Screen Def: How will SUU guard Stiles and Tsineke in the P&R? Montana will set a variety of ball screens but the 3 primary P&R screens we will see from them are Horns, Single Side, and a High Flat P&R screen. This last one is the one the T-Birds are going to have to handle as when the Flat P&R takes place it puts their big Williamson in a really bad spot. On the other side of the floor, Montana will need to figure out how to not let Ballena get going in the P&R game. Whether it's Horns or a Single Side P&R Ballena is one of the very best in the BSC at being able to score at the basket or with her deadly pull-up jumper while playing in the P&R action. Going under and playing drop with the bigs will surely provide pull-up opportunities for Ballena. This is the coverage Montana used in the first half vs SUU in Ceder City. Later we saw them fight over and even hard hedge on Horns actions. These adjustments provided just enough hesitation in Ballena’s and slowed down the SUU offense. 

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