Published on 3 February 2022 at 15:05

In the first matchup between these two, the Bobcats were missing Darian White and the Bengals were missing Callie Bourne. Now it appears both teams are back to full strength unless COVID strikes again before tip-off






Both teams love to switch on ball actions and in the second half of the first matchup both coaches had to make adjustments at halftime and on the fly to put their teams in a position to win. In the 3rd quarter, ISU changed offensively to take away the Bobcats switching by going to a pass and cut offense. This adjustment took away any of the issues caused by switching of actions MSU was doing. ISU loves to use the DHO to initiate their offense as well as UCLA screens and multiple on balls at various spots on the floor. The Bengal's ability to switch to a completely different style of play mid-game is what makes them a threat to win the league again this year. 


The cats continued to try and work the ball down low with Kola Bad Bear either in high P&R, 4 out 1 in, and having Bad Bear cut/flash to the high post are for iso. They did not help themselves with a poor shooting night either going 34.6% FG and 12.5% from 3FG.  The Cats did go 19-24 from the foul line but got outrebounded by 15(45-30). Bad Bear going 11-13 FT alone from the charity stripe. What we liked from the Bobcat defense was the aggressive digs on drives by Konate. This made it difficult for her to penetrate and get to the paint which allowed the Bobcats to stay within reach the entire game.  


We are sure  coach Binford is working on now the Bobcats will be able to take away and limit Ors who had a career game in the first matchup (33 points 12-18 FG and 7-11 3FG with 6 rebounds)


The backcourt matchup between White/Beattie and Konate and Whitman will be one that we keep our eyes on during this game. The combo of White and Beattie is averaging almost 24 points, 67 offensive rebounds and shoots a combined 27.6% from behind the arch. The duo of Konate and Whitman is averaging 22.3 points, 62 offensive rebounds, and shoots 35.9% from behind the arch. Both duos are also very good on defense making this an intriguing matchup during the game. 


The Bad Bear and Smith matchup is also one that we consider important. The Bobcats tried to work the ball into Bad Bear the entire game, but many of their post-entry passes were sloppy and turned into deflections and turnovers.  If the Bobcats are successful at getting the ball down low, Kola will need to shoot better than the 3-11FG she shot in the first matchup. 


Another person coach Binford is hoping will continue to help the Bobcats is Taylor Janssen. Janssen has added a consistent 3 point threat the last 5 games shooting 9-15 from behind the arch and going 4-4 vs the Lady Griz just 2 games ago. 


This should be a competitive game and with both teams to full strength we are looking forward to watching. We believe it will be very much like last matchup. Players and coaching staffs having to make adjustments in timeouts, dead balls, halftime and even on the fly. 

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