3 Keys: MSU v SUU Postponed Preview

Published on 15 January 2022 at 09:47

1. We have spoken recently about the combo of Daylani Ballena and Cherita Daugherty. Those two and Darian White would have put on a good show as three of the most impressive guards in the Big Sky Conference. However, we want to focus on the emergence of Lizzy Williamson and how her presence has helped lift the T-Birds play on both sides of the floor. We feel the inside presence of Lizzy Williamson would have been a key factor in today's game. Lizzy Williams is currently averaging 11.8 PPG (13th in BSC) and 1.008 PPP for half-court possessions. Other impressive numbers from Williamson are cutting 1.1 PPP, OREB 1.15 PPP, Post 1.16 PPP, Diver/POP 1.0 PPP, and in Transition she goes for 1.06 PPP. She shoots 56.5 FG% (3rd in BSC), 9.3 RPG (3rd in BSC), and 1.3 BPG (4th in BSC). Both she and Kola Bad Bear would have had a very physical matchup today. 




2. Would MSU have been able to establish themselves as 3 point threats in this game? One of the biggest issues we see is the Bobcatsis they just cannot create space offensively because they struggle shooting from behind the arch. Beattie (21/81 3FG%), Limardo (25/73 3FG%) have yet to find a rhythm this year and are in need of some help. The question is…who provides that? Others from 3FG% with over 20 attempts: White 13/44 29.5%, Mocchi 8/37 21.6%,  Van Sickle 7/39 17.9%, Ranson 5/23 21.7% and Janssen 7/26 26.9%.


3. Rebounding & Defending: Can the Bobcats compete with the T_Birds on the glass? Bad Bear, Mocchi, Dedan, Janssen will all need to do their part and compete with two of the best rebounders in the conference in Dotson and Williamson. Daughtery is also a very good rebounding guard for SUU. The Bobcats played better half-court defense in their outing vs ISU. Looking at the box score, take away Ors 12/18 FG & 7/11 3FG shooting in that game and the rest of the Bengals shoot 14/46 for 30.4%. They were active in their switching, jammed up P&R and drives with aggressive stunts and digs, and have active hands and communication. This was a solid improvement from the early defensive efforts we have seen this year from the Bobcats.

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