3 Keys: Sac St v PSU

Published on 14 January 2022 at 19:43

FILM BREAKDOWN: https://youtu.be/IGNuIsO7QfU


1. How will Sac State, Tillman, Natabou, and Menke attack the PSU zone? We feel the best way to attack the PSU zone is by overloading the weak side as an “inside P&R” comes at that overload. However, there are lots of ways to attack zones and we have provided some ball screens and continuity ways to attack this PSU zone with film. If the Hornets can hit just enough deep shots from behind the arch it will definitely open up the paint for Natabou and penetration off of the ball screen offense Sac State will run. Tillman (26.9%), Carrasco (30.4%), Menke (24.4%) could really help their squad with some decent shooting from 3. Rios (42.4%) and Peneueta (44.8%) are the only threats but play limited minutes compared to the others. Of course, cleaning up all those misses is the 6’5 Nataboa who is averaging 4.2 OREBS per game. 


2. Will the Vikings come off a long layoff rusty or fresh and rejuvenated? The Vikings are not going to run much differently than what we have seen or shown you in film and will provide a number of continuity ball screen offenses. Morales one of the Big Sky Conferences top Freshmen at 5’5 is a relentless attacker of the rim that is not afraid to draw contact when attacking off of the bounce. Look for Lewis, Morales, and Dhaliwal to have big games. Who will be the other spark to support the Vikings.


3. Who is going to step up for their teams and help contribute to winning basketball? Sac State always has Menke to help provide support to Tillman and Natabou, but they need more help in our opinion if they are going to take the next step. We believe Peneueta can provide that spark for the Hornets. Big frame, is a solid shooter, and has the ability to play inside and outside on offense. We feel Fitzgerald can be this person for the Vikings to help Morales, Lewis, and Dhaliwal. Long and versatile with the ball in her hands Figzerald looks to have the skills needed to start  establishing herself as a key player on opposing teams scouting reports.

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