3 Keys: Montana v SUU & Idaho v Weber State

Published on 12 January 2022 at 17:06



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1. Rebounding & Paint War: Who wins of the rebounding battle? Williamson and Dotson or Gfeller and Anderson? Lady Griz do have help in this position with Frolich and Bartsch but the numbers don’t favor the Lady Griz much.  Williamson and Dotson combine for 15.5 rebounds per game with 5.8 of those being offensive rebounds. With the 4 of the Lady Griz...Gfeller and Anderson playing a majority of the minutes, they combine for 20.6 rebounds a game and just 5.7 offensive rebounds. Darri Dotson is a throwback player and plays with passion and energy.  Anderson and Williamson is an interesting matchup of athlete versus size. Both will defend each other well but don’t be surprised to see Anderson beat Williamson on rim runs and transition opportunities. Anderson is more polished but has struggled to finish this season. Will Anderson continue to be bothered in the post by Williamson's size? 


2. Lady Griz Shooting: If the Lady Griz shoot well from beyond the arch they will be fine. The problem is it comes and goes for the Lady Griz. They need to prove they can consistently shoot from the perimeter so Gfeller and Anderson can go to work down low. Even in the lopsided win vs EWU the Lady Griz had long stretches without scoring a FG and took advantage of small scoring spurts towards the end of the quarters (good teams find ways to win). 


3. The main key of this matchup in our opinion is the great guard combo of Daylani Ballena and Cherita Daugherty vs Sophia Stiles and Sammy Fatkin. When you look strictly at the 2 v 2 matchup we believe that whoever controls the tempo and pace of the game wins.  SUU's tandem are some of the best P&R and ISO players in the conference. The Lady Griz also have Tsineke to provide help with this matchup who adds depth and a different look than Stiles and Fatkin provide. Tsineke is possibly the only guard the Lady Griz has that can change gears, levels and play the P&R effectively when it comes to getting to the rim going left or right, while Stiles loves to shoot the pull-up out of P&R actions and favors going to the right and Fatkin is a hard straight line driver. 



FILM LINK: https://youtu.be/qyMO4RAtwNM


1. Torbert and Hickok provide matchup issues for the Vandals. Especially when considering of how Idaho will guard the Wildcats in their base offense. If the Vandals switch DHO and P&R actions they will get hurt on post-up opportunities with Torbert and Watthews. If they fight through DHO’s and P&Rs they run the risk of getting hit with a huge screen allowing Pentzer and Hickok opportunities to get to the rim. We predict Idaho going under all DHO and P&R actions. Johnson, Bea, and Forsyth have their hands full. with the size and activity of the Weber State front line.  Going under allows Idaho to pack the paint and protect against the size of the Wildcats. The Wildcats are not typically a 3 point shooting threat so going under would not hurt in this situation either. 


2. Will Idaho and their spread offense be able to exploit the bigs of the Weber State? Torbert will not want to guard too far out of the paint. Look for Idaho to find ways to have her guard outside.  Putting Torbert in DHO and P&R situations and determining how Weber State will guard that action could be explored. We imagine she will be guarding Johnson so she will need to be aware of the trail thee that Johnson is able to knock down. Having to account for actions outside the paint could allow Idaho to get down hill off the dribble.  Idaho loves to attack off of the bounce by creating multiple driving lanes. If they can exploit their athletic advantage  on the perimeter they will give themselves a better chance to win this game. Lastly we believe shot selection is important for the Vandals on this end of the floor. All to often we have witnessed a lot of one pass and shoot offensive possessions for the Vandals. Those are just as bad as turnovers in our opinion. 


3. Whoever controls the tempo wins the game. If it is in the ’50s and ‘60s that favors Weber State who is comfortable playing offensive possessions late into the shot clock. They also rebound the ball really well with Hickok, Matthews and Torbert all three in the Top 10 in Big Sky Conference Rebounding.  Idaho wants to play fast and make teams guard the whole floor. If Forsyth, Gandy and Bea can put together collectively good games and they can limit turnovers the Vandals will have a shot at winning this game. . 

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