SUU vs. NAU Pregame Matchup Analysis

Published on 7 January 2022 at 17:56

TUESDAY 1/4 : Here are 3 sets we think you will see in this matchup:



WEDNESDAY 1/5: Top 5 P&R Offensive Players in the Big Sky Conference  (40+ Possessions)

In an effort to breakdown players and film even further we decided to take a look at the BSC leading P&R Handlers. Here is what we came up with. Based on our findings Daylani Ballena of Southern Utah is the most efficient P&R Ball Handler in the conference. 


Check out the numbers comparing the top 5. While only 4th in possessions way behind Morales 70, White with 113 and Tillman with 171. The efficiency of FG% 51.3 on 20-39 shooting and PPP are why we say most efficient. 


Southern Utah could have the most talented back court in the Big Sky. With Daylani and Cheriton Dougherty(who is #4 on this list BTW)


Check out the film to see what makes Daylani so good. 


Daylani Ballena:

 44% of the time the ball is in her hand she is in P&R situations. 57 Possessions, 49 points, .86ppp,   20-39 FG 51..3%, TO% 21.1 this is higher than all the other Top 5.




Darian White: 

37.8% of the time the ball is in her hand she is in P&R situations, 113 Possessions, 89 points, .788ppp,  38-86 FG 34.9%, TO% 10.6


Lianna Tillman:7.565.8% of the time the ball is in her hand she is in P&R situations, 171 Possessions, 131 points, .766ppp, 60-148 FG 40%, TO% 13.5


Cherita Daughtery:

27.6 of the time the ball is in her hand she is is P&R situations, 45 Possessions, 33 points, .733ppp, 11-36 FG 30.6%, TO% 13.3


Esmerelda Morales:
40% of the time the ball is in her hand she is in P&R situations, 70 Possessions, 47 points, .671ppp, 16-54 FG 29.6%, TO% 14.3



Dora Goles:

29..4% of the time the ball is in her hand she is in P&R situations, 45Possessions, 33 points, .733ppp, 10-26 FG 38.9%, TO% 38.5


Syd Gandy:

22.9% of the time the ball is in her hand she is in P&R situations,  41 Possessions, 26 points, .65ppp, 9-34 FG 26.5%, TO% 7.5


BOTH TEAMS LOVE TRANSITION:: Content and Analysis provided in the film. 





In our final installment, we look at the potential starting fives of both teams. We believe there are two positions that are key to this game today. 


SUU                                                                                                                    NAU                                                                                                      ADVANTAGE

Ballena                                                                                                          Schenck                                                                                                 PUSH

Daugherty                                                                                                  Maio                                                                                                         PUSH

Johnson/Eaton                                                                                        Orndoff/Rodabaugh                                                                       ???

Dotson                                                                                                          Orndoff/Radford                                                                              ???

Williamson                                                                                                 Rasheed                                                                                                 PUSH


The potential matchups at the 3 and 4 spots are key in our opinion. Both teams love to score, both love to push the pace in transition and both have dynamic players/scorers. When looking at who starts at these spots for each team and how they decide to play matchups is very interesting.

The wing position:  Southern Utah has Johnson who is known for shooting (21-57 36.8% 3FG)  and plays well in transition. Eaton also plays well in transition (.921 PPP) is not the shooter Johnson is. Eaton gets the edge defensively of these two in our opinion (.658 PPP).  Northern Arizona has Orndoff who has absolutely scored the ball lately, has a great motor and runs the floor extremely well. Not known as a shooter but has shot a respectable 8-22 for 36.4%. Radford is a three-point specialist who currently leads the Big Sky in 3FG% at 55.6%.  The Lumberjacks also have Rodabaugh who is a shooting specialist (17-36  42.7% 3FG) that can put up 20 plus points quickly if she is in a groove. We look for Orndoff and Rodabaugh to be the matchup with Johnson and Eaton in this game. 


The 4 spot:   Southern Utah has Dotson as the anchor for that position (9PPG and 5.8RPG). The question is who guards her for Northern Arizona?  We anticipate Orndoff and Rodabaugh playing the wing (Don't be surprised to see these 2 have to guard the 4 spot during the game). If that is the case we believe Radford will start on Dotson. This will be a battle of contrasting styles for sure. Dotson a pounder and physical player will have the advantage in the paint. Radford loves to roam the perimeter and trail in transition to get easy 3 point attempts. Who will be able to get stops when needed at this position for their team?  We feel this is key.


Speaking of getting defensive stops, what team will get them when they truly need one? We just highlighted some matchups we feel are key. However, the Lumberjacks have at least 6 players that have or are very capable of putting up 20 plus points. Southern Utah has a very dynamic starting backcourt with Ballema and Daugherty. Willamson has emerged as one of the better posts in the conference and is shooting a league-best 59,4%. Rasheed has proven ability to be a major factor in the conference as a scorer as well for 3 years now. 

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